Their passion is like a red dwarf star - it may not burn as hot, but it burns longer. It burns near forever. (“Lucky Wander Boy” D.B. Weiss, 2003)]

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    Sweet Nothing

    I would randomly play a scenario on my mind and skip with the symphony of my heartbeat. Giddy and full of unnecessary excitement, I remember the things I don’t want to bear in mind anymore. Its the continent of cascading emotions that I wanted to repel yet the force of nature is strongly manipulating the rhythm and motion of my thoughts. I asked what more can I do to stand the weight of the indefinite and embrace the persistence of the never present. Doubts envelop my mind with the feelings that are so raw and so brand new. As if the happenings are real, as if the happenings are faithful to the history.

    Then I realized that was over. And will never happen again.

    And the scenario fades. It fades like a sweet nothing.

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    Once and Never

    The null and the known are all in the space between us. Together with the pouring rain, is the out pour of joy on our smiles and the familiar stories retold, the scent of the recognizable smell of your pheromones and the known gestures and idiosyncrasies you always had.  The sight is changing, the pavements have gone anew, yet the company of your voice will always be tingly and stimulating.

    I knew from then, it was you.

    Walking in the dark, listening to the grip of the wind on the coldness of the night, you asked me those questions, hence I don’t want to answer it from that point for I know the words will be painful for the both of us. I’m trying to be sensible, I tried. But then again, you wanted the response, I hesitated, you insisted.

    Those were the questions we knew already the answers yet we still dare to throw the anchor on the ocean to clearly hold and cling to what we think must be – and that should be a vivid landing on the shore of doubts to the course of certainty and affirmation.

    You smiled.                                                                                

    I smiled.

    We knew from then, we are not on the same place we used to be.

    Anonymous said: What is something you will never trade for anything?

    My values.

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I am a trick, an illusion of the highest order, so incredible that I am actually true.
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