Anonymous said: Hi crush. ☺

    Hello 😉 O bakit pa-anon pa. Haha

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    The cry of the evening has gone creeping on the window pane of your soul. I am eyeing on the disturbance that the world is bringing and maddening you.

    I cringed. You forged.

    You are strong indeed. That’s why I venerate you. I like how you manage to pull the trigger at the core of your heart and causing subtle pain and elusive ache. Locking the jaws of misery, shaking the knees of despair, paralyzing the body of desolation. You are nothing but your own kind of medicine. You like to make everything fail at the most perfect way.

    But I was never your drug.  Never your comfort. Never your relief.

    And now

    I am fading.

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    Anonymous said: Hey. Imy. Hahaha

    Imy also! (Weird lang parang may gut feel agad kung sino to dahil sa ‘Hahaha’)

    Hello Mister,

    I’ve been doing a lot of apparent observation on you lately and honestly speaking you are acting uncanny. I think you need help. You just had the plethora of highs and lows with your emotions and dude you are near to insanity. I just got to strike that on you so you should know. Well I know for sure that these things and on-goings with your life is kinda erratic and ambiguous but you don’t have to deal with that all the time. I mean, you know for a fact that you can only do so much, why try to shoot yourself on the foot with your exploding train of thoughts and excessive what ifs. You just have to keep calm and move along with the surprises each way. Delight yourself with the beauty of the unknown and not drown on its enigmatic recesses. Always there will be doubts and hesitations, these will be part of the road but don’t miss the reason for taking the journey. Never. You might miss the rainbow if you are too concern of the rain. So go ahead, marvel on the vagueness of life.

    Don’t be afraid. And yes, I know all along who will help you.  

    The Guy with the High Need for Certainty (Yourself)

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    ervindavid said: Galing mo mag sulat and ang galing mo rin kumuha ng litrato. Keep it up tol! :)

    Salamat! :)

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